Adult Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis refers to an abnormal curvature of the spine and there can be a number of reasons for why this condition might occur; it can be anomalies at birth from neuromuscular problems – in some instances the cause will not be known. In a lot of cases it will be necessary for adult scoliosis surgery to be performed in order to allow the individual to improve their quality of life. Scoliosis usually becomes diagnosed in early childhood, but in some cases it might not be noticed until the individual is older. Not everyone will be suitable for this type of treatment but adult scoliosis surgery will be a good choice for a lot of people. Those considering surgery as adults are advised to research the options available to them so that they can make the most appropriate choice.

What is Adult Scoliosis Surgery and What Are the Benefits of Having It?

Adult scoliosis surgery is aimed at preventing any further progression of curvature to the spine and to produce a balanced looking spine from the front and side view. In some cases it won't be possible to completely straighten the spine, but modern surgical methods mean that in a lot of cases the results will be very impressive. Each operation will be unique though and it will take a qualified assessment by a surgeon to determine what the likely results of the surgery will be. In some instances the surgeon might decide that the benefits of the surgery will not be enough to make it an appropriate choice and other alternatives will be suggested.

Having adult scoliosis surgery can make a huge difference to people's lives. It can not only improve their physical health but also bring great benefits to their mental well being as well. When people are self-conscious about their differently shaped spine it can greatly impact their ability to socialise and enjoy things that other people take for granted.

Who is Suitable for Adult Scoliosis Surgery?

When deciding who is suitable for adult scoliosis surgery a number of questions need to be asked. These considerations include; the degree and extent of the spinal curvature, the potential for progression, the spinal maturity, and the location of the curve. The surgeon will also need to consider any other physical problems that could influence the success of the surgery. If it is decided that the operation would bring benefits to the individual then the surgeon will put it forward as an option. It is then up to the individual to decide if they feel it is the right choice for them.

Some Final Thoughts on Adult Scoliosis Surgery

Adult scoliosis surgery is commonly performed and it has helped many people to go on to live successful lives where their spinal problems no longer limited their choices in life as much. Of course different people will get different results from this type of treatment and it won't be an option for everyone. For adults who have scoliosis though, it is likely going to be something they will want to consider.

Adult Scoliosis Surgery