Scoliosis Surgery Complications

Like any type of operation there is always the potential for scoliosis surgery complications. These possibly adverse consequences of going ahead with surgery should always be considered before taking this option. It is understandable that a lot of us want to focus on the benefits that will come from any procedure, but it is worth thinking about possible scoliosis surgery complications as well to ensure that we make an informed choice. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better idea of the risks, but remember that for qualified advice you should speak directly to your surgical team.

What are the Possible Scoliosis Surgery Complications?

When it comes to the possible scoliosis surgery complications there are risks that are associated with all types of surgery and those that are specific to this procedure. It is estimated that about 5% of people who undergo the this procedure will develop complications which can include –

Those who have other physical problems or having the surgery performed as adults might have increased risk of scoliosis surgery complications. If problems do arise it can mean having to spend a longer time in hospital, needing to return to theatre, or even worse. It could even be that the problem feels more debilitating after surgery then it did before. This all probably sounds very disturbing to those who are considering this treatment option, but as we have already mentioned there will always be risks associated with any type of surgery.

Are the Risks of Scoliosis Surgery Complications Too High?

Some people may wonder if the risks of scoliosis surgery complications are too high. It is understandable that people should think this way, but it is important to put things into perspective. Almost every form of medical treatment is going to involve some type of risk, but the good news is that most people will avoid these. Choosing a competent surgical team greatly reduces these risks, and this is certainly not a procedure that you should consider having under the care of anyone except scoliosis surgery experts. An experienced surgeon will be able to explain the risks in more detail and explain why they think the procedure is the right decision. Of course you can always disagree and try to find a different treatment option; it is your life after all.

Some Final Thoughts on Scoliosis Surgery Complications

There are some people who would prefer not to consider the scoliosis surgery complications; they just want to trust in their surgical team to do the right thing. This type of view is understandable, but other people are more determined that any consent they give is of the informed variety. It is not really possible for us to give our informed consent to anything unless we are aware of the risks involved as well as the benefits – both should be considered.

Scoliosis Surgery Complications