Scoliosis Surgery FAQs

Those considering this type of surgery are likely to have a lot of concerns; there are a number of scoliosis surgery FAQs that people will tend to have. It would not be possible to answer all the questions that people might have; a lot of it will be specific to their own exact circumstances. It goes without saying that qualified advice needs to come from the surgical team involved in the case, but here is just some of the scoliosis surgery FAQs that people may be wondering about.

Scoliosis Surgery FAQs

Hopefully the answers to the following scoliosis surgery FAQs will be of use to you. If you have further queries or want specific advice your surgeon will be able to offer this.

Is Scoliosis Surgery the Best Option for Everyone?

This is one of the most common scoliosis surgery FAQs, and it is one that doctors will get asked all the time by those suffering from the condition. While scoliosis surgery can work well for a lot of people it won't be the best choice for everyone. It is generally believed to be most successful with those who have curves that are greater than 45 degrees. Some people will have other medical conditions that will make them an inappropriate candidate for surgery. There will also be many individuals who will be better suited to other options like bracing.

Are There Risks Associated with Scoliosis Surgery?

Like every other type of surgery there are risks associated with this type of procedure. It is believed that less than 5% of those undergoing the treatment will develop complications and these will usually only cause a temporary setback. Some of the possible complications associated with this type of surgery include; the risk of infection, bleeding, damage to nerves, damage to organs, risk of chest infection, complications of bed rest, hospital acquired infections, and possible an increased risk of arthritis in later life. It is important that those undergoing the procedure understand the risks involved but they should keep things in perspective.

What are the Benefits of Scoliosis Surgery?

This is another of the more common scoliosis surgery FAQs. The potential benefits of the procedure can be physical, cosmetic, and mental. The fact that the spine is now straightened should mean that there are less physical difficulties, and it should also mean that cosmetically the problem is far less noticeable to other people. Those who have the surgery will often have an increased sense of mental well-being as they are able to enjoy life more than ever in the past. Of course the results vary between different people.

Is Scoliosis Surgery Expensive?

Those who live in the UK can get this treatment for fee on the NHS, but there can be a long waiting list as it isn't usually considered and emergency treatment. Those who don't have insurance have the option of paying for the surgery – it is not cheap though at about £50,000.

So there you have just some of the scoliosis surgery FAQs.

Scoliosis Surgery FAQs