Scoliosis Surgery Procedure

The condition scoliosis affects the spine and those with the infliction have a physical abnormality that usually becomes noticeable in childhood. The spine of the individual with this condition will curve from side to side. The scoliosis surgery procedure is just one of the possible treatment options for this problem. For some people it can be the best choice of treatment and results may be impressive; it is not the right choice for everyone. The surgical team will need to review the patient's condition carefully to determine if the scoliosis surgery procedure is the best option available. It will then be up to the patient to decide if this is the option they wish to take.

What Does the Scoliosis Surgery Procedure Actually Involve?

There is actually more than one scoliosis surgery procedure, but the results of these will be similar. The first procedure involves opening up an incision in the patient's back and inserting rods and wires to fuse the spine into alignment. This is not a simple procedure and it can take a long time to perform; it may be as long as six hours in theatre. The other scoliosis surgery procedure involves going in from the front; the surgical team will need to deflate a lung to get to the spine. Following this treatment the movement of the patient will need to be restricted for about seven months. If the scoliosis surgery procedure is being performed on young children then it may be decided to use growing rods; these rods will be adjustable as the child grows and this can be done without the need for further surgery.

Is the Scoliosis Surgery Procedure the Best Option in all Cases?

The scoliosis surgery procedure won't be the best option in all cases. It is usually recommended for curves that are greater than 45 degrees as this is where the best results usually occur. Other people may benefit from different treatment options such as bracing; there are also alternative therapies but there is a lot of debate as to the usefulness of these. Like all types of operation there are risks associated with the scoliosis surgery procedure including; the possibility of infection, excessive bleeding, respiratory problems, an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic, nerve damage, tissue damage, organ damage, or other complications.

If the scoliosis surgery procedure is recommended by the surgical team it will then be up to the patient to weigh up the pros and cons. This is a treatment option that has made a huge difference to people's lives, and do is it definitely worth considering. There is also the cost of the procedure to think about. In the UK it is possible to get this treatment under the NHS but the waiting list can be very long if it isn't an emergency procedure. Those who wish to go private may have to pay anything up to £50,000 unless they have insurance. This is no small amount of money and so the decision to invest it into this type of procedure will need to be taken carefully.

Scoliosis Surgery Procedure